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New Mustard Seed Communities Office Blessed

Published August 4, 2005

Archbishop-emeritus John F. Donoghue, patron of Mustard Seed Communities, USA, blessed the new MSC-ATL office on June 12.

Over 120 friends and supporters attended Mass at St. Brigid Church and walked to the nearby house where the office is located for the blessing and a picnic. Because of the hard work of many supporters, guests were able to enjoy a beautiful grotto with a statue of Mary and flowers. Maria Nordone, MSC-USA executive director, read a message of thanksgiving from Father Gregory Ramkissoon, founder and director of Mustard Seed Communities.

The Mustard Seed Communities organization exists to serve God by uplifting the world’s most downtrodden, abandoned, handicapped and HIV-positive children living in the world’s poorest countries in the Caribbean, Central America and Africa. The group’s vision and action are based upon the life of Christ and his ministry to the poor.

The Atlanta office is the spiritual hub for Mustard Seed Communities, USA. From this office over 25 mission trips a year for adults, teens, and families are coordinated. Staff also train people to lead “Work the Word: Beyond Our Boundaries,” a Catholic formation program designed to build a deeper life of prayer and raise the level of awareness and commitment in service to the most vulnerable in local and global communities.

With this new space for volunteers to come and pray and work on projects that will benefit the children of MSC, many exciting new programs and fund-raisers are happening. One of the most exciting is the Rosary Collection, where volunteers come and make rosaries from pottery beads made in Jamaica. The rosary has a unique crucifix that is a replica of the crucifix at the chapel of My Father’s House in Kingston, Jamaica.

Anyone who would like to be a part of this growing community dedicated to caring, sharing, and training the most vulnerable in the world community or to go on a mission trip may contact Martha Gaynoe at or Dawn Stark at or (404) 936-7333.