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Youth News: Spotlight On A Saint

Published May 20, 2004

St. Adjutor

Not much is known about St. Adjutor, who was a Norman lord, master of Vernon-sur-Seine, a region in France. He was also a knight who fought in the First Crusade.

His Contribution To The Church

While serving in the Crusades, he was captured by Muslims who tried to force him to abandon his faith. He escaped, apparently swimming to freedom and returned to France, where he became a Benedictine monk. He died in 1131, after spending his last years as a recluse monk in the abbey at Tiron, France.

How He Can Help You

What better saint to learn about during the summer than St. Adjutor, patron saint of swimmers? Before you go to the pool this summer, or venture out on the family boat, ask St. Adjutor to pray for your protection.