Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Eucharistic Congress Teen Track

Published May 6, 2004

Speakers for the teen track, in order of their talks, are:

Jason Evert, 26, a lay apologist who works for Catholic Answers, a nonprofit Catholic apologetics and evangelization ministry in San Diego, Calif. Holder of a master’s degree in theology and counseling, he speaks internationally to teens and serves as a speaker on the topic of chastity and Catholic apologetics. He was a speaker at the National Catholic Youth Conference in 2003 at Houston, Texas.

Jeff Cavins, Catholic apologist and author of “My Life on the Rock,” and co-author with Scott Hahn, Ph.D., of “Our Father’s Plan,” a 13-week series on historical periods of the Bible shown on the Eternal Word Television Network. He is a contributing author of “Catholic for a Reason: Scripture and the Mystery of the Family of God.”

APeX Ministries, made up of two multitalented young men, Gene and Brad, has helped to spread the word of God, to build community through laughter and interaction and, yes, to provoke people to think about life and spirituality. They have performed during the papal visit to St. Louis, Mo., in 1999 and at the National Catholic Youth Conferences in Kansas City, Mo., St. Louis, Mo., and Indianapolis and Houston, Texas. They offer youth conference keynote speaking and times of laughter and faith sharing.

Emcee for the teen track will be Paul George, Southeastern Hub coordinator for LIFETEEN. Music will be provided by Ed Bolduc and Band. Bolduc is director of music at St. Ann Church, Marietta.