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OLA Students Show Off Talents

By SHARON BLACK, Special To The Bulletin | Published diciembre 13, 2007  | Available In English

The audience was in for a great surprise on Thursday, Oct. 10, when they attended Our Lady of the Assumption School’s variety show. At the beginning of the show, music director David Coheley announced a last-minute addition to the program: a new opening act would be performing.

Without further ado, a priest followed by ten sisters solemnly processed into the gymnasium with hands folded in prayer and reciting chants. The audience was respectfully silent. Once on stage the audience began to notice a somewhat familiar look to the mysterious troupe. Rumors quickly spread that the sister in the center resembled Anita Nagel, the principal, and the one on the right looked just like Diane Miller-Deasy, the librarian, and the tall priest looked as tall as Glynn Servy, the new middle school Spanish teacher.

The audience remained respectful as the music started and angelic voices sang “Hail Holy Queen.” However, everyone knew something was up when the tambourines begin shaking, the pace quickened and words to the song “Shout” rang out. More songs from the popular play, “Sister Act,” followed with the audience singing along.

The entertaining group was revealed to be the OLA teachers, and their reward was a hearty round of applause and a standing ovation.

Not to be upstaged by their teachers, student performers took to the stage and quickly proved that their talent was worthy of standing ovations as well. A total of 31 acts showcased 65 OLA students in acts that ranged from singing, dancing and playing a wide array of musical instruments.

“The students had a wonderful time this year at our variety show. I am continually amazed at how many talented and enthusiastic students we have here at OLA,” said Coheley. “Their practice and hard work really paid off, and their creative costumes were great!”

“It was truly a team building day,” said principal Nagel. “It began with the fun run activity in the morning where the students supported the school and ended with the teachers supporting the students in their variety show.A day truly enjoyed by the faculty, staff, students and parents … a day that demonstrated the community environment found at OLA.”

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