Georgia Bulletin

The Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Calling For AdVents

Published noviembre 22, 2007  | Available In English

As the season of Advent approaches once again, The Georgia Bulletin would like to recreate its seasonal parody to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Vent” for readers with its own “Ad(+)Vent.”

For those not familiar with the “Vent,” it is a column in the AJC’s Metro section that allows readers to voice their opinions or express their displeasure on just about any topic. It’s done in a thought-provoking, yet entertaining manner.

Likewise, the Georgia Bulletin’s Ad(+)Vent will be your words. Each one should contain positive, uplifting words that speak to your faith, God’s goodness and mercy, personal testimonies, something good about your parish, a ministry, etc. It still has to be brief—two to three lines maximum. Your comments can be in the form of a narrative or question, or both. They can also be humorous.

Let’s prepare the way of Lord with words that make us smile, reflect and sustain us in this period of waiting.

Fax your Ad (+) Vents to the attention of Michael Alexander: (404) 877-5505 or e-mail them to