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Photo by Benedict Esposito 
Classic tug-of-war is part of the annual Field Day, hosted by the 20/30 Somethings, the young adult group of the Cathedral of Christ the King. This year’s event is Aug. 19.   


A day of childhood games for young adults

By BENEDICT ESPOSITO | Published July 13, 2023

ATLANTA–As a kid, what was among the most fun days at school? It was probably one of the few times you actually wanted to go to school and was always enjoyable—Field Day. 

The young adult group at the Cathedral of Christ the King, 20/30 Somethings, is bringing Field Day back on Saturday, Aug. 19—a perfect way to meet new people and have fun. 

One thing many adults get a kick out is reliving their childhood in one way or another. In the movie “The Santa Clause 2,” all the adults working at the local school get the gifts they wanted or loved as a child from Santa and spend their Christmas party playing with them. At the annual 20/30 Somethings Field Day, young adults in Atlanta will be reliving memories by playing games from childhood.  

Last year some of the games were water balloon toss, tug-of-war, sponge bucket fill. Adults who otherwise drive, pay taxes and vote, now are playing musical chairs. What a sight.  

It is a good time, but for those who are new or wanting to make friends, it can be intimidating. Summer is a common time for people to move to new areas, be it for jobs or after graduating, and this event is an opportunity to get involved and meet new people in a low-stress way.  

For Field Day, there are two ways to get involved: be a team member or volunteer.  

There are six people per team, so if you know someone who already is going you can ask to be on their team or, if you have the initiative, create a team and invite others to join. If not, email the organizing group early and they will fit you in where needed. The theme for 2023 is superheroes, so each team will be representing one.  

Between Marvel and DC, there are plenty of heroes to pick from and dress up as, even if it’s just having a shirt with that superhero’s colors. Members of Team Captain America or Team Batman will find it easy to match outfits or colors. 

What if you don’t want to form or join a team? What if you are like this writer and are not athletically gifted. I’m more of a liability than an asset on the field of play. You can volunteer to help. With so many activities, plenty of assistance is needed to set up, keep teams on time, officiate the games, take photos and more.  

There are few things in life as nerve-wracking as attending an event where you don’t know anyone. Making friends as a young adult is not easy. Nostalgia is a great way to bring people together. This field day is an event where one can get involved while reliving the best days of school. 

Many of us young adults are in the same boat of trying to figure out life, make friends and have an amazing time with fellow Catholics, so come join Field Day 2023.